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The LE SIGH presents: Tomboy, Mannequin Pussy, Marge, and Littler @ The SIlent Barn 072014. (Photos taken by Jessica-Joan Causing)

(side note: we got there a little late so we couldn’t take pictures of Littler, but trust me, they ruled. - Jess)

hey! we have a new series of video interviews we’re doing where we have you, the fans, ask the questions.

The first artist were working with is Old Gray! Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to know about the band? About a specific member? Anyways, leave a reply or message us. Do it. Questions are due on our desk by Friday, get to it.


a call for women who want to write for a blog: hi do you like writing reviews do u like music do u go to a lot of shows do you not listen to just emo hey i want you to message me i am looking for like two-three.

this was the worst recruitment post i’ve ever written

We are hiring for two-three female writers. Message us if you are interested. Normies need not apply. Ska fans need not apply. Ska fans please unfollow.


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Band: Dikembe

Band location: Gainesville, FL

Why we like it: I was falling asleep when my friend (and fellow LFS writer) Ben told me he was going to Fest. I got excited about going to Gainesville. This reminded me of the Dikembe show I really wanted to go to in Brooklyn. Turns out that the show was tonight and I thought it was tomorrow. I checked my email and saw that Tiny Engines had sent out the download codes to anyone who pre-ordered Mediumship by Dikembe. What a coincidence right? Well here I go I’m live blogging this

The album starts off with “Even Bother” which starts off with a palm muted guitar intro and Steven Gray singing softly. At first I thought I was in for a totally different album album but then those riffs came in and it began to feel a little familiar. It’s hard to say but they sound like a totally different band at times and that’s okay.

Three listens later (and a lot of time to reflect on this album), I am sitting here kicking myself in the head for missing that show. Dikembe wowed everyone with their killer EP Chicago Bowls. Since then they’ve released a fantastic LP titled Broad Shoulders and a split with The Jazz June. Their second LP, Mediumship, is by far their best work to date. They’ve perfected their style here. There really aren’t any fast paced bangers like there was on Chicago Bowls. The vocals aren’t anywhere near as angsty as they were in the past yet Steven’s singing adds a totally new dynamic. I’m very excited to see them at Fest now and you should do that if you go. If you can’t though then catch them on tour!!

- Gio

Where to listen: Pitchfork Advance

Where to buy it: Tiny Engines


We are very excited to announce All Sounds, a musical collaboration run by one of our own writers, Christopher Stillmank, and Adam Cichocki of Timber Studios/Gatherer. Christopher has made significant contributions to the northern New Jersey scene by running The Batcave (a venue) and working closely with NJ DIY to help establish a better scene for all of us involved. Adam, on top of being in the hardcore band GATHERER, has been recording a bunch of other amazing bands from NJ (including Gifts, Arrows in Her, and The Best of the Worst).


All sounds will be releasing GATHERER’s first record on vinyl. It will come in black or hunter green.

More info about All Sounds can be found here: http://allsoundsnj.com and be sure to like their facebook page here.

Also, make sure to catch GATHERER on tour with FOSSIL and UNTIL WE ARE GHOSTS. Tour dates below:

July 18 / Danbury, CT (Heirloom Arts Theatre)

July 19 / Montclair, NJ (The Batcave)

July 20 / Harpers Ferry, WV (The Shack)

July 21 / Baltimore, OH (FCC North Campus)

July 22 / Nashville, TN (House Show)

July 24 / Dallas, TX (Rubber Gloves)

July 25 / Houston, TX (Hardy Street Warehouse)

July 26 / Shreveport, LA (The Old Barn)

July 28 / Gainesville, FL (The Salt)

July 29 / Columbia, SC (Shredquarters)
July 30 / VA [HELP]
July 31 / Baltimore, MD (Club K)


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I Can't Avoid Myself

Band: Aches

Band location: Morganville, NJ

Why we like it: Aches is a band that you should be listening to. I have strong feelings about this EP. First, I want to point out that Griffin did everything from playing all the instruments/vocals to mixing and mastering this (so wow shoutouts to you homie).

Anyways, I’ve had I Can’t Avoid Myself on heavy rotation since Jess first showed it to me. It’s the perfect example of what an indie emo band should sound like. For the most part, the EP sounds like Glocca Morra and Pavement. Fun fact(s): Tank from Algernon Cadwallader was in this band. Alec from Yukon is also in this band!

Where to listen: Bandcamp

- Gio

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Brave Bird,
T-Minus Grand Gesture

Band: Brave Bird

Band Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Why We Like It: Within the blink of an eye, the emo wonder kids Brave Bird became a band and broke up. Luckily, 2013 saw their LP Maybe You, No One Else Worth It grace the top 10 lists of many music fans early on in the year and then 2014 saw T-Minus Grand Gesture come out. It’s definitely a terrific last hurrah from Brave Bird, as if it’s one last “grand gesture” to their fans who have helped them accomplish so much in such a short time.

From the sharp tongue-in-cheek of opener “I Don’t Wanna Know” to the open-heart sincerity of “Open Up Your Mouth” we see Brave Bird for everything they were. They were an incredible band who started out with just an EP and got signed to an immense label for emo bands (Count Your Lucky Stars) and were able to put out an LP and another EP on vinyl. For as good as they were on their records, they really were just regular guys getting together to play intricate angry punk music in the vein of Your Favorite Weapon-era Brand New.

I luckily was able to see them live in Brooklyn before they broke up and I saw them play to a crowd of about 15 people and honestly, they were a bit awkward. And that fact made it all the more incredible when they broke into these complex, math-y jams. Watching Chris Lieu awkwardly sway as the band took cues off each other to make these songs sound so much bigger than they actually are was so great, and better than anything else I could have been doing on a Tuesday night. For a group with the live aesthetic of a shoegaze band, they proved to be the bravest bird of them all. They’ll be sorely missed as the whole lame “emo revival” scene winds down. But I’ll enjoy talking about them in 10 years when kids comment on YouTube videos saying they wish they could’ve seen Brave Bird, and I’ll speak so highly of them, the way Ben Curttright would of The Promise Ring in 2014.

Where to listen: Bandcamp

Where to buy: Count Your Lucky Stars


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TV Girl,
French Exit

Band: TV Girl

Album: French Exit

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why we like it: This is a perfect album to relax to. I was driving around listening to this album and it seemed to act like a soundtrack to the season. If you’re looking for an album to listen to while sitting around, hanging out, or cruising the streets this is probably the best one that has come out this year.

Being a huge fan of TV Girl since I first heard Benny and the Jetts in ‘11, hearing they were dropping a new album had me psyched. If you like the previous works of TV Girl, you will love this new album. It has everything that you have come to expect when listening to them and more. Full of catchy drum loops, interesting samples and a smearing of soothing vocals this album is great addition to their library, being their most polished work yet.

Where to listen: Bandcamp

- Reggy

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Tigers Jaw,

Band: Tigers Jaw 

Band Location: Scranton, PA

Why we like it: Tigers Jaw has always been a band that’s been easy to take at face value. After looking past their collections of lyrical metaphors and yawning vocals, they’re just a group of college-aged kids making music for fun. There’s no overly complex political bullshit. When they “broke up”, all that happened was 3 members left the band on relatively good terms, no dramatics for the sake of dramatics. They’re real people just enjoying the music they’re making, so it’s easy to take them at face value.

Which is why I feel that the first track’s title, “Cool”, is the most appropriate way to sum up this record. It’s just, cool. It’s not a game-changing record, but the beauty in that is that Tigers Jaw has never aimed to be game-changing. It was always about a group of kids putting out the music they liked. Even after they blew up with their self-titled record and kids started posting Tigers Jaw lyrics on every social media outlet they had, the band stayed the same in the way they operated.

So if you’ve ever been a fan of what Tigers Jaw has had to offer, this record is for you. If you’re expecting them to have re-invented the wheel, you may not find that. But if you’re up for a half hour of wordplay over fuzzy instrumentals, then give this record a listen. It’s definitely a charmer.

Where to listen: Bandcamp


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Onward Progress,

Band: Onward Progress

Band location: Pittsburg, PA

Why we like it: My favorite aspect of Onward Progress is their story. They are five guys that come from a suburban town outside of Pittsburgh. They played their first two out of state shows this past June. The Batcave was lucky enough to be one of those places that they played. Their performance was full of auxiliary sounds and percussion (most of which are not found on the record). They customized the entire stage that night and turned it into their stage. All of the members sang along to the hooks, everyone was moving and played extremely tight. Onward Progress is a professional and great sounding band, that was completely clear. How come no one had ever heard of them before?

After the show I was lucky enough to get to know them a little better and what they had to say completely blew me away.

They all openly admitted to being overly privileged white guys from suburbia and they weren’t necessarily proud of that. They had always played music but they mostly played in cover bands which only really played the circuit of bars in their immediate area. One or two of them were heavy into the rave scene in Pittsburgh and would blow tons of money on partying and getting fucked up. They were a bunch of guys who had never really left home and were stuck in their daily routine. Most of them work in the restaurant industry which takes up a lot of their time and when they were not there, they just wanted a release from that.

Onward Progress began when Isaiah, OP’s vocalist/guitarist/primary songwriter, gathered this collection of friends without much direction and asked them to help him with some music he had been writing. One thing led to another and suddenly the members stopped going to raves (“band practice is first thing in the morning, I can’t go out like that anymore”), they stopped playing bars and started trying to really give original music a chance.

Their first two shows out of state were in Baltimore, Maryland and Montclair, New Jersey. This move for them was a huge step. They challenged themselves to do everything outside of their comfort zone. They walked away from the epitome of white male privilege and stepped into their van to go into the vast unknown. The name Onward Progress is just about that. These guys want to step outside of what they already know and want to grow, change, and become better people. They are using music as that vehicle and hope to continue this sort of pilgrimage into their future. Their over all hopes are to learn as much as they can, become more understanding of the world they live in, become better musicians and translate what they have learned into the music they make.

Working in the DIY scene and getting to meet bands like this is incredibly rewarding. We all have a lot to learn from Onward Progress. Many of us should work harder to step outside of the scenes and norms that we feel comfortable in. Go out there, meet and talk to new people, share music and connect; for the greater good of human development. Do they still have a lot to learn? Yes. But so do we.

I’m hoping future releases by Onward Progress will have better production, inclusion of more experimental and auxiliary sounds, more melodic variation and more tapping (!!!). Other then that, if you are into mathy indie pop (think, Local Natives) - look no further - support Onward Progress. They are a band to look for in the future.

Where to listen/buy: Bandcamp

- Chris

Band: Small Wonder

Band location: Brooklyn, New York

Why we like it: I hadn’t heard about Small Wonder up until four days ago when I went to a show they played in Brooklyn. Right before Told Slant played someone started talking to me and practically told me I would be an idiot if I missed Small Wonder’s set.

I successfully proved my idiocy by missing most of Small Wonder’s set. The crowd had formed an aisle in which Henry Crawford walked down singing the words to “Wind Let Loose” and pouring most of his beer over his head. Normally I’d think “Dang this guy spent three bucks to pour a beer on his head he’s dedicated to his live set” but I was just completely floored by the music itself.

Onto the album itself, Wendy. Wendy is a remarkable album and is amongst my favorite releases of 2014 for good reason. In seven songs Small Wonder have brought tears to my eyes, reminded me that I am loved and brought on all sorts of emotions. Every song is a well thought out anthem. I can’t stop talking about this band (you can ask Jess if you don’t believe me she’ll tell you). I just bought this for $6 and now the possibilities are endless! I can listen to it on the train, on the bus, on my lunch break or even while I go out for my bi-annual run! I strongly encourage you to follow suit and buy it, also check out their live set if you ever get the chance.

- Gio

Where to listen/buy: Bandcamp

<3_<3 #toldslant

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Mixtape Two

Band: Pinegrove

Band location: Montclair, NJ

Why we like it: Montclair, New Jersey has become a really fascinating place to me. A couple of my favorite bands in the past few years (Acres, Guidelines, Baby Pilot) call it home. With that said, whenever anyone referenced Pinegrove, it was always followed by something along the lines of “Best Band in Montclair,” or something very nice about Evan Stephens Hall. I hadn’t listened to them until I saw Evan open up for Emperor X and I was absolutely blown away. I instantly understood why everyone was hyping this band up.

I strongly suggest that you listen to Mixtape Two if you’re into indie rock/folk. Size of the Moon is easily one of the best songs I’ve listened to all year. 

Pinegrove are currently on tour with Tawny Peaks and have a few dates remaining. Check them out if you can!

7/2 Boston, MA @ TBA

7/4 Montclair, NJ @ The Batcave

7/5 New Britain, CT @ The Pulaski Club

Where to listen: Bandcamp

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Loner Chic,

Band Name: Loner Chic

Location: New Haven, CT

Album: Pretty Void EP

Why we like it: Got 15 minutes to spare? Listening to Loner Chic’s All Natural is a good way to spend it. Its fun, its simple, its clean. This EP is like a sampler, with each song being a different flavor of these guys style. From the pure energy in the first track to the distraught feeling in the last, you gather a scope of what these guys will offer in the future. A refreshing summer album, give this album a try.

- Reggy