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Alex G - “Cards”

All the videos from the Orchid Tapes Showcase have been uploaded and are now public! The lineup was Home Alone, R.L. Kelly, Four Visions, Ricky Eat Acid, Alex G and Elvis Depressedly. It was such an incredible show and I’m glad that we were able to capture this night and share it with anyone who couldn’t make it or anyone who wants to revisit it a million times.

Watch it all Here

R.L. Kelly - “Feels Real”

I almost lost my shit during this song.

Elvis Depressedly - “N.M.S.S. (Amy’s Demo Tape)”


Alex G - Hollow

We filmed the Orchid Tapes Showcase last weekend at Shea Stadium! Here’s a video from that. There will be a ton more to come. 

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Alex G,

Band: Alex G

Band location: Philadelphia, PA

Why we like it: Okay if you’ve been following this blog at all then you probably picked up on the fact that i love homies music. If you haven’t then you should check out Alex G immediately. He’s one of the best songwriters around right now and the live band kills it every single time. Listen if you like Elliott Smith or even Weezer. There’s something in his discography for you. It’s all free too so yeah

Where to get it: Bandcamp

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i do not love.,

Band: i do not love.

Band location: Mansfield, Massachusetts

Why we like it: I broke the golden rule of blogging and that is posting an April Fools joke. I fucked it up real bad because it was one about anime. I don’t really have a sense of humor anyways so here is an actual post. I do not love is the solo project of Gregory Carl Miller. I won’t lie to you, I mean how could I? I stumbled upon this gem while I was on the beko bandcamp and was blown away. I do not love makes really catchy goth electro pop. Share this, listen to this when you go to the beach or go on a car ride with your dog. Listen to it before you go on a date. Listen to it on your date. Listen to it after your date went horribly wrong because you showed your date how beach goth u can be.

Where to get it: beko bandcamp

Band: Layne L’Heureux

Band location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Why we like it: Layne L’Heureux is a Canadian producer, engineer, co-label head and a bunch of other things. This guy really explored a bunch of different genres and made it work somehow. United Hotcake Preferred opens up with a new wave song then jumps into a beautiful shoegaze song featuring Jessica Jalbert (you should check her music out if you haven’t). It then goes into a synth heavy song and I think you get the idea then it gets kinda rock n roll from there. It’s all good though. The album is mostly about drugs. I think i read that in an interview but I could be making that up.

Where to buy/listen: Bandcamp

Alex G - “Sarah”


In case anyone ever wondered who we are I’ve added our personal links to the sidebar section.


Holy shit this is going to be so much fun. I had such a great time filming/seeing all the bands from the first Orchid Tapes showcase. If you’re unfamiliar with Orchid Tapes, listen to their entire catalogue here and see why they’ve quickly become one of my favorite labels.

Above is a video of Happy Trendy performing “Nerves” at the first Orchid Tapes showcase

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Fog Lake,
virgo indigo

Band: Fog Lake

Band location: St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

Why we like it: Fog Lake just put out Virgo Indigo on Orchid Tapes. I’m kind of really kicking myself for taking notice when it came out because it’s a fantastic album that is now sold out. Fog Lake is the bedroom/dream pop solo project of Aaron Powell. Today i took my parents out for dinner (in addition to being a successful music blogger, I am also a sweetheart. Luv u mom+dad!!) and thought “Wow this is the best dang meal I’ve had in a long time. Nothing can make my day better!!”. I’m a fool. I was wrong because this made my day much better. From start to finish this is absolutely beautiful and I would like you to listen to it and feel things pls.

Where to listen: Bandcamp

Where to buy: Orchid Tapes (It’s already sold out but you can buy a digital copy on bandcamp and pay what you’d like)

Do you have any plans on making a compilation?
ohnoimlateforschool ohnoimlateforschool Said:

I’ve thought about it but have no plans for now. If that changes I’ll be sure to post about it though!

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Band: Kidcrash

Band location: Washington/Oregon, United States

Why we like it: This isn’t so much a review as it is me telling you about this album getting repressed in the US on vinyl. Limited to 500 in three different colors of vinyl (100 half-black/half-white vinyl, 200 black vinyl, 200 white vinyl). This is one of my favorite screamo records yo if you haven’t listened to it before find a way to then buy it.

Where to buy it: Init Records

Band: Nothing

Band location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why we like it: Nothing are one of the better shoegaze bands out today. I first heard about this band on VLV when Poshlost came out and I remember thinking “Wow this is cool”. Their new album Guilty Of Everything is about to come out on March 4th 2k14. I got to listen to it a little earlier cause that shit leaked and I now think “Wow this is even cooler”.

Be sure to pre-order from Relapse Records. There’s a pretty good deal going on for this beautiful black/white vinyl, a slipmat, O-Card and digital download.

Where to listen: Bandcamp

Where to buy it: Relapse Records

Band: Homeshake

Band location: Montréal, Canada

Why we like it: Sometime in September or October I was hanging out with my good pal Ian. Ian brought me to a CMJ show at Shea Stadium where the only band I really knew of was Pity Sex (I think the headliner was some weird techno party shit. I also fell in love with Miller High Life that night, The Champagne of Beers). Anyways, Ian wouldn’t shut the hell up about Homeshake and for good reason.

Homeshake is Peter Sagar’s band. They play indie rock that at times sounds psychadelic and at times jazzy. Peter plays in Mac Demarcos live band and if you’ve ever seen them live or at least seen a YouTube video, you’d know that Peter is great at improvising and is an all around great musician. Check this out if you like Dragon Ball Z.

Where to buy/listen: Bandcamp