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Late For School Session: Crying - “Mother We Share” (CHVRCHES cover)

We went to Brooklyn to film Crying back in June. This was fun and also our first full band electric session! Song 1/3 of the session. Check back next week for the other two songs.

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After the End

Band: Merchandise

Band location: Tampa, Florida

Why we like it: Merchandise has been one of the more interesting bands to follow in the past few years. When I first listened to Strange Songs (In The Dark) it sounded like a confused mess of electronic pop/noise. Songs like “I Locked The Door” and “Worthless Apology” made it clear that they could easily be a pop band if they had any desire to.

Children of Desire was less noisy and more post punk with a heavy pop influence. Carson Cox’s vocals were brought to the forefront and Dave Vassalotti really got to show off that he is one of the best guitarists around today. While it was one of my favorite releases of 2012, it felt a bit lost at times.

After the End is Merchandise’s first record on 4AD (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, The National, Bon Iver) and it’s definitely their most refined work yet. Although they are on a larger label now they’re still very true to their DIY ethics. The entire album was recorded and produced by Cox although it was mixed by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Grizzly Bear).

This time around they aren’t really playing seven minute post punk songs. After the End is a pop record and a strong album of the year contender. Vassalotti shows off his versatility by replacing the psychedelic riffs with some lovely hooks. There are plenty of radio ready hits on here such as “Enemy” and “Little Killer”. “Life Outside The Mirror” and “Exile and Ego” really allow Cox’s Morrissey-ish croon to shine and push them into a different direction from the post-punk band we were used to.

Merchandise will be on tour this fall. Check the dates out here

Where to buy: After The End comes officially comes out on August 26th. Buy it through 4AD

- Gio

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Liam Betson,
The Cover of Hunter

Band: Liam Betson

Band location: New Jersey, USA?

Why we like it: Liam Betson was formerly in Titus Andronicus and previously recorded under the moniker Liam The Younger. “The Cover Of Hunter” is his first release under his own name and his first with up and coming label Double Double Whammy (LVL UP, Frankie Cosmos, Crying). It features appearances from members of Big Troubles, Titus Andronicus and Julian Lynch.

From start to finish, this is a great record. The Cover of Hunter starts off with the eight minute “I Can’t Tell If You’re Looking At Me”. Betson’s imagery and delivery as well as Lynch’s clarinet shine in this song. At times it sounds like Bright Eyes and at times it sounds like LVL UP. For his first studio recorded album, Betson and company did a fantastic job. There isn’t one skippable song on here.

Speaking of LVL UP, they’re going on tour with Liam Betson this summer.

Tour dates below:

8/18 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ Sheer Mag, Spirit of the Beehive
8/19 Montclair, NJ @ Bat Cave w/ Toasted Plastic
8/20 Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 w/ Spacemonster
8/21 Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong w/ Max Levine Ensemble
8/22 Pittsburgh, PA @ The People’s Warehouse w/ WC Lindsay, Steady Hands, Denzell, I am a Sea Creature
8/23 Columbus, OH @ TBA w/ Tin Armor, All Dogs
8/29 Hamden, CT @ The Space w/ Loner Chic, High Pop, Krill
8/30 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Andrew Cedarmark, Mitski

Where to listen: Bandcamp

Where to buy: DDW

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Slow Warm Death,

Band: Slow Warm Death

Band location: Pennsylvania/New York

Why we like it: Despite loving his work with Snowing and Street Smart CyclistSlow Warm Death is my favorite band featuring John Galm. I wrote this very long thing about it but unfortunately I wrote it on here and my browser crashed twice due to me being on the Slow Warm Death webpage. As if the irony of an Angelfire webpage wasn’t enough, imagine how I felt when my Macbook Pro crashed from going on that Angelfire.

Slow Warm Death was a garage band fronted by Galm. The opening track “Sleep” starts off with an acoustic guitar and Galm singing which is all too familiar from listening to his solo work. When you least expect it, distorted guitars and heavily reverberated vocals come in which really do a great job of setting the tone for the album. Lyrically, Galm’s outlook is still pretty bleak. I mean the guy is singing about someone wanting to kill him, killing someone or being alone and they still manage to make it sound catchy.

Slow Warm Death weren’t really an original band by any means but they really nailed the sound. Nothing new was brought to the table but the riffs are great and Galm’s use of vibrato really sets it apart from other bands. They put out what was easily one of my favorite albums of 2013 and if you’re a fan of his prior work you should check it out.

Where to listen: Bandcamp

Where to buy: Square of Opposition

- Gio

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Youth Novel,
Turned Around Abruptly Beside a Mirror and Jumped at My Own Reflection

Band: Youth Novel 

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Why we like it: Somewhere between the noisy chaos of bands like Orchid and Beau Navire and the slower catharsis of I Hate Myself, there is a relatively small pocket of bands that manage to balance melodic elements, punk influences, aggressive tones, and raw emotion and create music that flows and builds without departing from screamo. These are the calculator.s, the Suis La Lunes of the scene. With the release of Turned Around Abruptly (Skeletal Lightning, 2014), we can safely add Youth Novel to the list. 

Youth Novel have been around for about a year now, but Turned Around Abruptly represents a significant shift in their sound. Gone are any hints of pop-punk sensibilities; they’ve been replaced by overdriven guitars, distorted vocals, and a whole lot of 6/8 time.

‘II’ in particular shows what Youth Novel can do as songwriters; it’s the shortest track on the EP by far, but it still manages to link together several distinct movements into a coherent song. The melodic, almost-twinkly bits are musically interesting and provide an excellent counterpoint to Sean Horner and John Dickinson’s dual screams.

That said, Turned Around Abruptly is markedly strong throughout. From the first jangly chord riff of ‘I’ to the dying notes of ‘IV,’ it’s clear that Youth Novel have discovered their sound on this EP.

Where to buy/listen: Bandcamp

- Ben

Foozle / Quarterbacks Circuit City (New Brunswick, NJ) 07222014 (Photos taken by Jessica-Joan Causing)

Our friend Emma took the time to make this really rad list of bands featuring female & non binary musicians. Share this!

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Band: Florist

Band location: Brooklyn, New York

Why We Like It: Florist is a band full of the few hints of light in situations of general sadness. They make you truly appreciate the little things. And 6 days of songs is just that. All the little things. “creatures of the sea” is about sea creatures and loneliness, “what do i do today” is simply about boredom, and “for my mom” is just a mother’s day song.

And it’s all appropriate and charming. These songs were part of a Song a Day for a Week project that Eskimeaux, Frankie Cosmos, Small Wonder, Florist, and Japanese Breakfast all participated in from May 5 to May 12. All known for their use of lo-fi acoustic bedroom music, it just feels right that these songs would focus on the little things.

For Florist we see such a natural progression of musicianship that makes me glad. I had begun listening to Florist in the fall when I found out about their We Have Been This Way Forever EP. It feels like Emily Sprague seems to understand themselves more than ever on the few days they took to put together these six new songs and I’m glad. With such a dedication to intimacy and a heartwarming attitude, Florist is just a on the peak of what potentially will be their best work yet.

Where to listen: Bandcamp

- Jorge Velez

The LE SIGH presents: Tomboy, Mannequin Pussy, Marge, and Littler @ The SIlent Barn 072014. (Photos taken by Jessica-Joan Causing)

(side note: we got there a little late so we couldn’t take pictures of Littler, but trust me, they ruled. - Jess)

hey! we have a new series of video interviews we’re doing where we have you, the fans, ask the questions.

The first artist were working with is Old Gray! Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to know about the band? About a specific member? Anyways, leave a reply or message us. Do it. Questions are due on our desk by Friday, get to it.


a call for women who want to write for a blog: hi do you like writing reviews do u like music do u go to a lot of shows do you not listen to just emo hey i want you to message me i am looking for like two-three.

this was the worst recruitment post i’ve ever written

We are hiring for two-three female writers. Message us if you are interested. Normies need not apply. Ska fans need not apply. Ska fans please unfollow.


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Band: Dikembe

Band location: Gainesville, FL

Why we like it: I was falling asleep when my friend (and fellow LFS writer) Ben told me he was going to Fest. I got excited about going to Gainesville. This reminded me of the Dikembe show I really wanted to go to in Brooklyn. Turns out that the show was tonight and I thought it was tomorrow. I checked my email and saw that Tiny Engines had sent out the download codes to anyone who pre-ordered Mediumship by Dikembe. What a coincidence right? Well here I go I’m live blogging this

The album starts off with “Even Bother” which starts off with a palm muted guitar intro and Steven Gray singing softly. At first I thought I was in for a totally different album album but then those riffs came in and it began to feel a little familiar. It’s hard to say but they sound like a totally different band at times and that’s okay.

Three listens later (and a lot of time to reflect on this album), I am sitting here kicking myself in the head for missing that show. Dikembe wowed everyone with their killer EP Chicago Bowls. Since then they’ve released a fantastic LP titled Broad Shoulders and a split with The Jazz June. Their second LP, Mediumship, is by far their best work to date. They’ve perfected their style here. There really aren’t any fast paced bangers like there was on Chicago Bowls. The vocals aren’t anywhere near as angsty as they were in the past yet Steven’s singing adds a totally new dynamic. I’m very excited to see them at Fest now and you should do that if you go. If you can’t though then catch them on tour!!

- Gio

Where to listen: Pitchfork Advance

Where to buy it: Tiny Engines


We are very excited to announce All Sounds, a musical collaboration run by one of our own writers, Christopher Stillmank, and Adam Cichocki of Timber Studios/Gatherer. Christopher has made significant contributions to the northern New Jersey scene by running The Batcave (a venue) and working closely with NJ DIY to help establish a better scene for all of us involved. Adam, on top of being in the hardcore band GATHERER, has been recording a bunch of other amazing bands from NJ (including Gifts, Arrows in Her, and The Best of the Worst).


All sounds will be releasing GATHERER’s first record on vinyl. It will come in black or hunter green.

More info about All Sounds can be found here: http://allsoundsnj.com and be sure to like their facebook page here.

Also, make sure to catch GATHERER on tour with FOSSIL and UNTIL WE ARE GHOSTS. Tour dates below:

July 18 / Danbury, CT (Heirloom Arts Theatre)

July 19 / Montclair, NJ (The Batcave)

July 20 / Harpers Ferry, WV (The Shack)

July 21 / Baltimore, OH (FCC North Campus)

July 22 / Nashville, TN (House Show)

July 24 / Dallas, TX (Rubber Gloves)

July 25 / Houston, TX (Hardy Street Warehouse)

July 26 / Shreveport, LA (The Old Barn)

July 28 / Gainesville, FL (The Salt)

July 29 / Columbia, SC (Shredquarters)
July 30 / VA [HELP]
July 31 / Baltimore, MD (Club K)


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I Can't Avoid Myself

Band: Aches

Band location: Morganville, NJ

Why we like it: Aches is a band that you should be listening to. I have strong feelings about this EP. First, I want to point out that Griffin did everything from playing all the instruments/vocals to mixing and mastering this (so wow shoutouts to you homie).

Anyways, I’ve had I Can’t Avoid Myself on heavy rotation since Jess first showed it to me. It’s the perfect example of what an indie emo band should sound like. For the most part, the EP sounds like Glocca Morra and Pavement. Fun fact(s): Tank from Algernon Cadwallader was in this band. Alec from Yukon is also in this band!

Where to listen: Bandcamp

- Gio

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Brave Bird,
T-Minus Grand Gesture

Band: Brave Bird

Band Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Why We Like It: Within the blink of an eye, the emo wonder kids Brave Bird became a band and broke up. Luckily, 2013 saw their LP Maybe You, No One Else Worth It grace the top 10 lists of many music fans early on in the year and then 2014 saw T-Minus Grand Gesture come out. It’s definitely a terrific last hurrah from Brave Bird, as if it’s one last “grand gesture” to their fans who have helped them accomplish so much in such a short time.

From the sharp tongue-in-cheek of opener “I Don’t Wanna Know” to the open-heart sincerity of “Open Up Your Mouth” we see Brave Bird for everything they were. They were an incredible band who started out with just an EP and got signed to an immense label for emo bands (Count Your Lucky Stars) and were able to put out an LP and another EP on vinyl. For as good as they were on their records, they really were just regular guys getting together to play intricate angry punk music in the vein of Your Favorite Weapon-era Brand New.

I luckily was able to see them live in Brooklyn before they broke up and I saw them play to a crowd of about 15 people and honestly, they were a bit awkward. And that fact made it all the more incredible when they broke into these complex, math-y jams. Watching Chris Lieu awkwardly sway as the band took cues off each other to make these songs sound so much bigger than they actually are was so great, and better than anything else I could have been doing on a Tuesday night. For a group with the live aesthetic of a shoegaze band, they proved to be the bravest bird of them all. They’ll be sorely missed as the whole lame “emo revival” scene winds down. But I’ll enjoy talking about them in 10 years when kids comment on YouTube videos saying they wish they could’ve seen Brave Bird, and I’ll speak so highly of them, the way Ben Curttright would of The Promise Ring in 2014.

Where to listen: Bandcamp

Where to buy: Count Your Lucky Stars